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Fossil Creek Strings has discovered the benefits... we want you to experience that value too!

Creek Bluff Digital Media is an independent, third-party, software development company, with specific expertise in Homeowners Associations, Small Businesses, and Charitable Organizaations. We designed, built, host, and now maintain the website for Fossil Creek Strings. We do alot of digital work for a variety of clients, including website design, hosting, and maintenance, plugin feature enhancements, graphics design, and social media training and expansion.

Our services are designed to fit most budgets and once launched, maintaining a website only costs $25 for Homeowners Associations and Non-Profit Organizations, and $35 to $50 a month for Small Businesses3.

The best part is that we work for you2, which means if you are a Homeowners Association and transitioning management services, you don't have to lose your website benefits to a free, but 'locked-down portal'. Keeping your HOA website means flexibility as your community continues to grow, as well as keeping a highly usable and great-looking website, all your website history, documents, and content, its ability to provide key content without signing-in for it, and all its features. We're a vendor, just like your landscaping, pool, or other community services.

If you are a Homeowners, Townhome Owners, or Condominium Owners Association1 who found us because of another community who uses our services, we are excited to speak with you about what we do for Fossil Creek Strings, how we add value to their community and property values, and how our work will benefit your community. We're problem solvers by nature, so answering questions and sharing information is what drives us! You'll find our pricing highly competitive, you're website updates happen when you want them to, and best yet - we know HOAs! We've served on association boards and committees, and intimately familiar with Bylaws, CC&Rs, ACC rules, and most important...familiar with issues related to community engagement and sustaining a solid communications plan, which we can show you how to do, with a feature-rich HOA website.

So, why not reach out to us2, now?! We're here to serve you and your needs and would enjoy the opportunity of discussing our services with you to help you make a fully-informed decision about your website needs.

Complete our online form and tell us a little about what you're looking for, or
call us directly at 817-427-8755, and let us answer questions2 for you!

Let's Figure This Out Together

1   We work with both self-managed and professionally-managed associations.
2  If we currently serve your association, please note that a contract may prevent us from having a conversation directly with you, without express written permission from your management company. If this is the case, we'll let you know and ask for permission to have this conversation.
3  Service pricing depends on which Content Manegement System we'll use for your website and can help you better understand this when we connect.